Vince Rabago Law successfully saves struggling workers’ property from illegal foreclosure!

Vince Rabago Law Office successfully saved this Arizona property from an illegal and fraudulent foreclosure by a tax lien investor who presented false information to take the home through a foreclosure lawsuit.  The home had been illegally foreclosed without proper notice of the lawsuit to the homeowner and there was shady conduct by the investor, including allegedly presenting false information.  Our office successfully overturned the foreclosure judgment, and proved that the investor had presented false information.  In Arizona and other states, if you do not pay your property taxes, investors can pay your taxes (a minor investment compared to what you have paid) and get tax lien certificates, and if the taxes are not paid off in a number of years, that investor can then file a foreclosure lawsuit to try to foreclose on your home or property and take it from you.  Here, we won one for the American homeowner!  Arizona Tax Foreclosure overturned

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