Vince Rabago Law protects consumer and fights off bad debt collector! Do you need Consumer Protection or Bankruptcy?

Consumer protection and bankruptcy…it may help wipe out crushing debt and fight off debt collectors …

Are you a victim of a company that has defrauded you?  Were you injured by a company’s fraud or deceptive practices?  Are you fighting off crushing debt that has accumulated over years, ranging from credit card debt to medical bills?  Are debt collectors hounding you over old debts from more than 6  years ago or for debt that is not even yours?

At VINCE RABAGO LAW OFFICE PLC, we have successfully helped people in the community fight off debt collection companies wrongfully suing consumers.  In one case, we overturned a judgment that we alleged was fraudulently obtained by an out of state debt collector Midland Funding, a company who was a defendant in a nationwide class action fraud case.  Here is the successful Motion we filed with select exhibits. Motion to Set Aside Judgment Based on Fraud – FILED Exhibit A – Affidavit Exhibit B – Excerpt of Order in Class Action Fraud caseExhibit C – Excerpts of Fraud Lawsuit

We also represent individuals file bankruptcy, which can fight off fraudulent debt collectors while wiping out your overwhelming debts at the same time.

You may need help from an experienced and aggressive Consumer Protection attorney like VINCE RABAGO at VINCE RABAGO LAW OFFICE to evaluate your personal situation to determine whether you have a case involving a violation of the Federal Fair Debt Collection Practices Act or Arizona’s Consumer Protection laws (the Arizona Consumer Fraud Act).  You also have significant rights and remedies under the U.S. Bankruptcy Code that can help protect you while also helping to wipe out crushing debt if you qualify.

There are numerous “debt collection” companies and debt buyers out there who actually buy old, charged-off debt from credit card and other companies which feel they can no longer collect on that obligation.  Sometimes, these debts are older than six years, which is the Arizona Statute of Limitations for suing to collect on a written contract.   These debt companies then go after the debt very aggressively, sometimes not even giving proper notice of their debt collection lawsuit.  This can result in a person having a civil judgment against them, and you may not even learn about it until you find out that your wages are being garnished.  But your rights may have been violated along the way.

If you have an issue involving debt collection, or are in bad financial straits, or simply want to evaluate your potential consumer protection or bankruptcy alternatives, please contact our office.  We are Debt Relief Agency under federal law.   We can help.

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