Fighting Secret Corporate “Dark Money” And the Effect of Citizens’ United At the Local Level

Former Assistant Attorney General Vince Rabago is asking the Arizona Secretary of State to shine a light on ‘dark money’ — from corporate outsiders — trying to undermine local politics in Arizona by spending money in violation of laws intended to provide transparency and independence in campaign financing. “These serious and flagrant violations by outside ‘dark money’ groups are an unlawful attempt to influence this election,” said Rabago, a former state prosecutor.  It’s a toxic byproduct of the Citizens’ United decision and Karl Rove style politics.  Arizona has laws to prevent this. We are asking the Secretary of State to enforce those laws and protect our cherished democratic right of a free and fair election.”

A copy of the Complaint that was filed regarding a Pima County Supervisor race in Tucson, Arizona, can be seen here: TANNER BELL Campaign Finance Complaint – FINAL


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