Vince Rabago on Arizona Week news show to discuss DOJ complaint on Latino voter suppression and pending Supreme Court cases

Vince Rabago appeared on the Arizona Week news show, airing statewide on Arizona Public media, to discuss his recent Complaint to the US Dept. of Justice asking the agency to investigate apparent efforts to suppress Latino voting in the 2012 election in Arizona, and to talk about recent and upcoming Supreme Court voting rights decisions.

“The right to vote is fundamental to our Democracy. Efforts to suppress anyone’s right to vote are unconstitutional, illegal and simply un-American,” said Vince Rabago, a former criminal prosecutor.

“Next week, the Supreme Court will decide whether the federal Voting Rights law will continue to apply to states like Arizona, keeping Arizona subject to federal review on election law changes, due to Arizona’s long history of suppressing and intimidating Latino and minority voters. In light of this history and recent events such as those detailed in the Complaint, the protections of Section 5 of the Voting Rights Act are still needed. The Supreme Court should uphold this law,” suggested Rabago.

Below is video of Vince Rabago on the Arizona Week news show discussing Voting Rights. The interview begins at the 8:10 marker, right after the interview of Arizona Secretary of State Ken Bennett.

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