Consumer Protection

Consumer Rights

Vince Rabago is a leader in protecting consumers and challenging practices that defraud or take advantage of consumers.

Corporate wrongdoing against consumers has many faces. Companies may infringe on consumers’ rights through deceptive advertising, financing, lending and insurance scams, discriminatory redlining practices, price-fixing deals, and defective or flawed products. Or legal violations may by committed by a debt management, debt negotiation or credit repair company.   Likewise, if a debt collection company harasses you or sues you over collection of a debt, they might violate the Federal Fair Debt Collection Practices Act along the way.

Consumers are often voiceless and suffer the brunt of corporate wrongdoing, with little power to hold companies responsible for their actions. In response, our firm uses aggressive efforts including litigation when appropriate to confront fraudulent practices that consumers alone cannot effectively dispute.

We make consumers’ concerns a priority, collecting consumer complaints against suspected companies and exploring all avenues for prosecution. We encourage you to report corporate actions that you believe may be fraudulent.


Investor Fraud

Sound investment decisions can only be made when you have full disclosure of accurate information. No money manager, retirement fund or individual investor should suffer undue risk and incur losses due to misrepresentations related to the investment at issue.

We investigate fraud arising from or impacted by poor corporate governance, breach of fiduciary duties, or a failure of good faith, fair dealing or loyalty. The firm vigorously pursues fraud recovery litigation, forcing corporate officers, directors and fund managers to answer to their investors.


Foreclosure, Real Estate and Lending Fraud

Real estate fraud and predatory lending are some of the many problems revealed through the current lending and financial crisis. Our firm works on real estate and foreclosure fraud cases to assist victims of unlawful practices from various home mortgage lenders and other real estate companies, ranging from deceptive practices to wrongful or illegal foreclosures.

Typically, the home buying process is complicated and can easily mislead vulnerable homeowners, and it helps to shine a light on the many loopholes that companies create and use to mislead. With previous housing booms, many companies became money hungry and engaged in various schemes to boost profits. Private litigation is one resource both individuals and groups can use to change these practices and seek recovery for individual and class damages.


We continue to actively investigate reports of fraud and corruption.

To report consumer fraud, or foreclosure or real estate or lending practices which you believe to be corrupt, please contact our office at: (520) 955-9038.

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