First Amendment, Media & Constitutional Rights

Vince Rabago Law Office PLC has experience in Constitutional law and First Amendment issues, including representing media clients.  He has successfully represented citizen-journalists wrongfully subpoenaed to testify about their confidential media sources.

Vince Rabago has also successfully represented private citizens who were wrongfully sued with Orders of Injunction Against Harassment for the Free Speech picketing activities.

Vince Rabago has also consulted and advised private and non-profit organizations regarding their Free Speech rights, and their protections under the First Amendment right to petition the government for redress.  This includes issues related to Strategic Litigation Against Public Participation, also known as SLAPP lawsuits.  Arizona and other states have enacted SLAPP laws to allow citizens a method of fending off intimidation lawsuits designed to intimidate the public from engaging in processes for public participation.

Vince Rabago has also represented and consulted with media entities and corporations with non-profit issues and other administrative matters

In addition, Vince Rabago Law Office represented numerous organizations, including national organizations, in successfully filing an Amicus Curiae “Friend of the Court” brief in U.S. District Court in a high profile First Amendment case involving the First Amendment rights of students and teachers challenging the constitutionality of laws banning the teaching of ethnic studies classes.

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